How to Files Transfer from Phone to Smart TV

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How to Files Transfer from Phone to Smart TV

Are you unable to transfer files from your android device to your smart TV and looking for any ways to send files? If yes, then I must say you have come to the right place because here I will teach you how to Transfer Files from Android Phone to Smart TV.

There are a few different ways you can use to send files from your android phone to your android tv, like using the cloud file manager or using an airdrop as an alternative, or even sending it over wifi and using the suitable old method of using the flash drive.

So if these methods don’t work for you, then there is no need to worry about that because today, in this article, I have brought to you the latest and 100% working different ways to share files from your android phones to smart TVs.

Below I explained some methods you can use to share files from android phones to the smart TV. These methods work on all brands of android phones and TVs. So to know their working, I suggest you read them cautiously before implementing these methods.

How to Transfer Files from Android Phone to Smart TV

How to Transfer Files from Android Phones to Smart TVs the following. I explained these methods along with the pros and cons, when to use which ones, and where to use them. So let’s begin with method one.


Snapdrop is the simplest method of transferring files between your android phone and android tv. Since it is a web app, you don’t have to go through the installation process; the only requirement is that the tv and smartphone be on the same wifi network.

To use this method, you take out your android phone and go to the chrome browser and then open after opening the website, it looks like you are receiving a hotspot icon. You have to name that icon whatever you want. After that, return to your smart TV and repeat the same action as you did on your smartphone.

Now you will see an airdrop-like interface similar to what you saw on your android mobile but bigger. Now go back to android and tap on the android tv name. This action will launch a pop-up box where you can choose the file you want to share, and it will automatically start transferring the files that you have selected.

Once your files are transferred to your smart TV, a pop-up window will open, showing 2 options ignore or download. So click on the download to download it, and once it’s done, you can open it on any file manager. This is free and open-source to transfer files.

Wifi File Transfer

Using wifi to transfer files is one of the easiest ways. Unlike the previous one, this one has installed an app but trust me, it’s a one-time installer, and then it’s good to go forever. And it’s suitable for sending large files, and it’s pretty good.

So on your smart TV, head to the google play store and download the wifi file explorer. It’s accessible and well-optimized for android TVs. Also, download a file manager on your Android TV. Once you have done both of them, open the wifi file transfer app, and it will show you an IP address provided that your android TV is connected to a wifi network.

Now use your android phone and ensure it is connected to the same wifi network as your smart TV. After that, open any browser, type the IP address you saw on your smart TV, and then press enter. Remember that the wifi file transfer app should be running on your smart TV the entire time during transferring files.

Once a connection is established, you will see a file manager on your android TV with all the folders on your android phone. Now select the file you want to transfer to your smart TV; you will see an upload box. Tap on it and select the file which you want to share.

Flash Drive

Using a flash drive is an excellent old method, but it’s a bit longer because you have to transfer vials by plugging them here and there physically. But it’s the only last option if you have no wifi or internet. So let me tell you how you can transfer files from your android phone to smart TV with this method.

Connect an OTG connector first, and then use your flash drive (USB Pendrive) to connect with the OTG connector. After clicking the USB stick, use any file manager app to share the data or files from your mobile to the flash drive.

After transferring files successfully, eject the flash drive from your smartphone and connect it to your smart TV. You can play the files directly or copy that files into your smart TV’s internal storage using any file manager app.

Google Drive

This is a well-known method to transfer files to any android device. So first, you must open the google drive app on your android smartphone. After that, log in with your google account, click on the + icon, and upload the file you want to share from your android phone to your smart TV.

Now go to your smart TV, open the google play store, and download the solid file manager app if you don’t already have it on your smart TV. This app has direct google integration, so open the google drive section and login with the same account you have used on your phone.

So after that, you will see the uploaded files, so if you click on that, you will get a download icon on the right side. You can click on that, and then you will download the file on the file manager app of your smart TV.

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Wrapping It Up

So, guys, that’s about How to Transfer Files from Android Phones to Smart TVs. I hope you have understood all the methods which I have explained above. So use these methods to transfer files from an android device to smart TV.

Also, if you are facing issues while transferring files using these methods, share your issues with us by commenting below. We would love to resolve your issues. For more such content and to know about other little hacks, bookmark our website.

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